A litte bit about me…

I sleep too late, I shop too much and I eat too many sweets. I make too many sarcastic comments, laugh too easily in awkward situations and love my two dogs a little too much. Oh, and I struggle to write about me’s…

I go to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and I absolutely love the place. When I chant the fight song line “I’m a tar heel born, I’m a tar heel bred…,” I’m not lying, far from it really. Both of my parents went to UNC, and so did my aunt, and so did my uncle, oh, and so did my brother. It’s pretty much in my blood and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I grew up at Carolina sporting events and when we weren’t at the game, the whole family was watching. But more than that, I grew up with stories about how much my parents appreciated their time at UNC, and I think thats what made me really fall in love with it. So when I recieved my acceptance in high school, I was more than excited to leave my beach town for Chapel Hill. While time away has made me appreciate the little island I call home, there is nothing like a good day in Chapel Hill. Now, I’m in my junior year here. That means I’m over half way done and I cant really wrap my head around that.

I’m double majoring in Public Relations and Interpersonal and Organizational Communication, with a minor in Entrepreneurship. I am starting this blog as part of my class “Branding of Me” and will update it at least two times a week throughout the semester. My post will cover the life of a public relations students, some days I will write about my daily life as a student and some I will talk about issues and campaigns in the public relations field.

When I’m not in classes, I spend my time working with my sorority and organizations around campus.  I am eternally grateful for the wonderful friends I have, both at home and in Chapel Hill. They make life fun and never fail to cheer me up on bad days. I’m super close with my mom and see myself getting more and more like her everyday, and my Dad has shown me what hard work can accomplish. I hope my studies land me some lavish job in a big city, but I would be pretty content in North Carolina as well. I’m pretty much your typical 20 year old girl, but I hope reading though this blog will give you a better idea of an “about me.”10690001_1012648882082648_6690044041661435605_n


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