Congrats #UNC20

UNC released admissions decisions for early applicants on Thursday, which quickly took me back to the day that I was admitted. (Was it really three years ago?) Seeing all of the tweets, Facebook posts, and instagram photos from admitted students brought me right back to the excitement of opening my decision letter. But most of all, it made me excited for this new class.

This is a class that for yet another year broke admissions records. It’s a class, that like all of the classes before it, will find inspiration on campus, will be challenged by classes and will find themselves through the ups and downs that college brings. This is another class that will change Chapel Hill for the better and will work to improve the world far outside of the boundaries of this town. This class will (hopefully) get to experience the joy of rushing Franklin Street after beating that school down the road, will discover the beauty of the quad on a spring day and will fall in love with the song “Carolina In my Mind” by James Taylor. This class will find their family in the friends they make at Carolina and by the end of their first semester will catch themselves calling Chapel Hill ‘home.’

The admissions of the class of 2020 marks another group of people who will get the privilege of experiencing the magic of Chapel Hill, and to me, that is pretty exciting! Welcome to the family #UNC20! Can’t wait to see you around campus!


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