Spring Break Takeaways

Last week was UNC’s spring break and I took advantage of the week off of class to travel with friends. We started the trip with two nights in Charleston S.C., then went onto Jacksonville Florida for two nights and ended in Daytona Beach, Florida for two nights. We spent the week hopping from place to place and taking advantage of the warm weather. Here are three takeaways from spring break:


  1. Sometimes its OK to take a typical spring break: We decided to end our trip in Daytona Beach because we were offered free lodging and wanted warm weather. Although the typical party college spring break wasn’t 100% our scene we took a chance and figured it would at least give us some interesting stories. Granted we came home a day earlier than planned, nine people piled into one hotel room for two nights and we had a blast. I think we all decided three days was enough, but it was fun to have the experience once in college.
  2. Nothing beats a beach day: This one really hit me when we came back to North Carolina today and found ourselves unloading the car in 40 degree weather. There really is nothing better than sitting at the beach soaking in the sun. Maybe its because it reminds me of home, but I could sit in a chair at the water for hours. It made me ready for the summer.
  3. Being a Tar Heel follows you everywhere: At almost every location we found ourselves running into other UNC students or Tar Heel fans. In Charleston a man was playing music on King Street with a Carolina Basketball shirt on. When I said “Go Heels!” as we walked by he finished his song early and played the alma mater for us. When we were in Daytona Beach at a block party to celebrate Saint Patrick’s day we ran into fellow tar heels and when someone walking by heard us talking about Carolina a cheer broke out that eventually evolved into a 20+ group of students singing the alma mater and chanting “TAR HEELS.” Carolina has an unrivaled spirit and people everywhere are eager to share it with other fans.

I came back to Chapel Hill yesterday with tanner skin and renewed energy. I also came back with a deeper knowledge of the workings of Airbnb – read about that in tomorrow’s post. Spring Break was definitely one for the books.


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